Price list for „commertial” patients of the Chojnice Center for Neurosis Treatment

Board and lodging in a single room – 250 PLN a day Board and lodging of a partner – 100 PLN The course of a disaccustoming treatment (8 weeks) An advance payment – 5000 PLN for the first 4 weeks of a chemical dependency therapy and the payment of 5000 PLN after first 4 weeks of the therapy A temporary stay (protective care) – 120 PLN daily


Extra fees for a detoxication
Alcoholic – for the first 4-5 days of a treatment the extra payment – 150 PLN a day (which includes costs of additional diagnostic investigation – hepatic tests, electrolytes, diastases, ECG and – if needed – other examinations and specjalistic consultations, drip infussions of infussion fluids, other detoxication drugs, and medicines alleviating symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome as well as the initial therapy motivating to initiate the course of a disaccustoming treatment.

In the course of drugs/medicines addiction – for the first 10-14 days (depending of psychosomatic state of a patient) of a treatment – the extra payment 100 PLN a day (which includes similiar elements as mentioned above)


Attention. We also admit patients under the influence of addictive substances. Precondition – a written consent to hospitalization.


To be admitted to our Centre one hast to set the date of an admission with Mrs Marzena Bryza – phone (48)505-154-670 (mobile) or to call dierct to our Centre – phone (48) 52 397-03-76 or (48)509-972-737 (mobbile) anto to effect the advance payment of 2000 PLN for hospitalization (on account of future treatment’s expenses) into the bank account of MAWIKO Co. Ltd.
The abonementioned is to be understood as the reservation of a bed and the date of an admission to the Center.
We issue invoices for advance payments and the final payment after completing a treatment in our ward.
All payments are to be effected into the account: Aliorbank No 16 2490 0005 0000 4530 6944 1415.


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